1. Automatic Version Increments

Automatic Version Increments are described in a blog post here.

2. Get Latest Release Of A Project Or Product

This workflow allows you to keep track of latest releases of your Projects or Products. It may be useful if you are assembling components in your CI or CD pipeline or your integration instance.

Follow these steps to setup this workflow:

2.1. Set up your projects first.

2.2. Locate your project UUID from Project settings as shown below (note, same procedure would work for Products):

2.3. Create a release for your project manually or integrate release creation via Reliza, an example of this is shown in our video tutorial on YouTube.

2.4. Go to your organization settings page in Reliza Hub and click on the lock icon to generate API Key as shown below:

2.5. Request latest version using Reliza Client getlastreleasecommand, sample command:

docker run --rm relizaio/reliza-go-client    \
	getlatestrelease    \
	-i organization_api_id    \
	-k organization_api_key    \
	--project b4534a29-3309-4074-8a3a-34c92e1a168b   \
	--branch master
More details can be found in the Reliza Client Project Readme on GitHub.

3. Keep Track of Components in Monorepos

Workflow to leverage Reliza Hub for Monorepos is described on Medium here.

4. Use Integration Instances To Automatically Combine Project Releases Into Product Release

This workflow is described in our YouTue tutorial of Reliza Hub playground starting at 2m:5s.

5. Manual Approvals Of Product Releases Between CI and CD Pipelines

Coming soon. Check back here for updates.